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mysql> /h   For information about MySQL products and services, visit: For developer information, including the MySQL Reference Manual, visit: To buy MySQL Network Support, training, or other products, visit:   List of all MySQL commands: Note that all text commands must be first on line and end with ';' ?         (/?) Synonym for `help'. clear     (/c) Clear command. connect   (/r) Reconnect to the server. Optional arguments are db and host. delimiter (/d) Set statement delimiter. NOTE: Takes the rest of the line as new delimiter. ego       (/G) Send command to mysql server, display result vertically. exit      (/q) Exit mysql. Same as quit. go        (/g) Send command to mysql server. help      (/h) Display this help. notee     (/t) Don't write into outfile. print     (/p) Print current command. prompt    (/R) Change your mysql prompt. quit      (/q) Quit mysql. rehash    (/#) Rebuild completion hash. source    (/.) Execute an SQL script file. Takes a file name as an argument. status    (/s) Get status information from the server. tee       (/T) Set outfile [to_outfile]. Append everything into given outfile. use       (/u) Use another database. Takes database name as argument. charset   (/C) Switch to another charset. Might be needed for processing binlog with multi-byte charsets. warnings  (/W) Show warnings after every statement. nowarning (/w) Don't show warnings after every statement.   For server side help, type 'help contents'

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? (/?) 显示帮助信息。与/h的功能相同
clear (/c) 不执行当前正在输入的命令。若/c前已包含命令分隔符,则命令分隔符之前的部分仍然执行。
connect (/r) 重新连接到服务器。该命令有两个参数:数据库名和服务器主机名,其中主机名可省略。
delimiter (/d) 修改命令分隔符
ego (/G) 将命令的结果以垂直的形式显示
exit (/q) 退出
go (/g) 向服务器发送命令。在语句的最后使用,可替代命令分隔符。
help (/h) 显示帮助信息。与/?的功能相同
notee (/t) 不要写入OUTFILE
print (/p) 显示当前执行的命令
prompt (/R) 修改MYSQL的提示符
quit (/q) 退出
rehash (/#)
source (/.) 执行参数文件中的SQL脚本
status (/s) 获取服务器端状态
tee (/T) 指定一个输出文件,将命令行中的所有操作及结果记入此文件
use (/u) 转换当前使用的数据库
charset (/C) 转换当前connection及client的字符集
warnings (/W) 显示警告信息
nowarning (/w) 不显示警告信息


mysql> select count(*) from newname/c mysql> select count(*) from newname;/c +----------+ | count(*) | +----------+ |      159 | +----------+  mysql>/R this is mysql5 > PROMPT set to 'this is mysql5 >' this is mysql5 >/. h:/select.sql +----------+ | count(*) | +----------+ |      159 | +----------+  this is mysql5 >/s -------------- mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.28-rc, for Win32 (ia32)  Connection id:          25 Current database:       test Current user:           root@localhost SSL:                    Not in use Using delimiter:        ; Server version:         5.1.28-rc-community MySQL Community Server (GPL) Protocol version:       10 Connection:             localhost via TCP/IP Server characterset:    latin1 Db     characterset:    latin1 Client characterset:    gbk Conn.  characterset:    gbk TCP port:               3306 Uptime:                 1 hour 29 min 31 sec  Threads: 1  Questions: 55  Slow queries: 0  Opens: 24  Flush tables: 1  Open tables: 5  Queries per second avg: 0.10 --------------  this is mysql5 >/T h:/a.txt Logging to file 'h:/a.txt'  this is mysql5 >/q Bye

第二部分为查看MYSQL服务端相关信息的命令,使用help contents可以查看其用法:

mysql> help contents You asked for help about help category: "Contents" For more information, type 'help <item>', where <item> is one of the following categories:    Account Management    Administration    Data Definition    Data Manipulation    Data Types    Functions    Functions and Modifiers for Use with GROUP BY    Geographic Features    Language Structure    Plugins    Storage Engines    Stored Routines    Table Maintenance    Transactions    Triggers

对于某些help命令的结果,仍然可以使用help进行进一步的查看。如help Data Types的结果如下:

mysql> help Data Types You asked for help about help category: "Data Types" For more information, type 'help <item>', where <item> is one of the following topics:    AUTO_INCREMENT    BIGINT    BINARY    BIT    BLOB    BLOB DATA TYPE    BOOLEAN    CHAR    CHAR BYTE    DATE    DATETIME    DEC    DECIMAL    DOUBLE    DOUBLE PRECISION    ENUM    FLOAT    INT    INTEGER    LONGBLOB    LONGTEXT    MEDIUMBLOB    MEDIUMINT    MEDIUMTEXT    SET DATA TYPE    SMALLINT    TEXT    TIME    TIMESTAMP    TINYBLOB    TINYINT    TINYTEXT    VARBINARY    VARCHAR    YEAR DATA TYPE

仍然可以使用help INT,查看INT数据类型的详细信息:

mysql> help INT Name: 'INT' Description: INT[(M)] [UNSIGNED] [ZEROFILL]   A normal-size integer. The signed range is -2147483648 to 2147483647. The unsigned range is 0 to 4294967295.   URL:


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